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About Us

Throughout history, people have beautified the places where they live and work by decorating them for comfort, comfort and aesthetic purposes. Decoration trends also differed, changed and varied according to the changing trends in each period. As Royal Home, we have been shaping our designs according to the changing decoration trends since 1998, in order to make life in homes enjoyable. We prepare every detail that living spaces may need with our strong and innovative design team and present them to our customers.


We produce our products, each of which is produced with special designs and sewing, in state-of-the-art facilities in accordance with TSE standards at all production stages, with 100% health priority. We bring together the most innovative fashion trends with carefully woven fabrics and unique designs to reveal original Royal Home collections.

Our story

Founded in 1998, our company operates in the home textile sector with the brand  Royal Home. With more than 300 dealers and sales points at home and abroad, we strive to deliver tens of thousands of our products to you every year and to expand our product range day by day.

Our Brands

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What are we in for?

“We exist to be a part of the moments that people find worth sharing with their loved ones by developing value-added ideas, products and patterns in the home textile industry.”

What are we working for?

“We work to provide our customers with the comfort, comfort and aesthetics you seek in your homes, and to replicate the moments you enjoy sharing with your loved ones.”

Our Principles and Values



Work Ethic



Product Variety

Customer Satisfaction Oriented Service

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